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Advisority Team has tracked 140000 billable hours in Oraroo

After 1 year since implementation, in the context of the rapid expansion of its team, Advisority is maximizing the benefits of Oraroo's functionalities. It has substantially reduced the effort to collect data for invoicing services and has completely eliminated the manual effort to complete payroll. The management of the company can focus without worries on the growth of the business, having the peace of mind of flexible human resource management processes and compliant with labor legislation.

Advisority Team has tracked 140000 billable hours in Oraroo

Advisority's information technology consultants generally work in teams, on mixed-type projects with variable duration. The admin team employed a significant effort to collect data/information with the preparation of time sheets for salary calculation as well as monthly invoicing to customers.

This manual effort became disproportionately large when errors appeared and additional corrections and checks were required. The rapid expansion of the company accelerated the need to transform from a manually managed process to an efficient and fully digital one.


Oraroo was implemented in Advisority at the beginning of 2020. The platform allows the planning of consultants on projects, and they count on these allocations. This information is constituted in the data source for monthly invoicing. Due to the integration with leave information, the prerequisites for correct invoicing are met.

The adoption of the internal use of the platform, together with the rapid expansion of the Advisory team (up to 70 people), made Oraroo become the basic tool for managing the effort invested in projects. Thus, the Advisory team posted 140,000 billable hours in Oraroo.

Positive Outcome

Oraroo's implementation reduced the effort to collect data for monthly invoicing by 80%. Additionally, based on the same data set, the monthly attendance is automatically obtained for salary calculation and this effort has been completely eliminated.
At the same time, the potential additional hours to be compensated in the next 30-60 days, previously a completely manual activity, are also highlighted.

"I have known the founders of Oraroo for several years since I worked for the same companies implementing business software applications. So when they told me about Oraroo, their work management, project and HR automation solution, I was very interested. At Advisority we do not have an extensive Human Resources department, a large part of the services being outsourced to the accounting and payroll firm. What I liked the most was the fact that Oraroo offers the automation of human resources administration processes, thus helping us to comply with the legislation and to have everything in order. In addition, it offers us a better planning of internal resources and a record of staff allocation for each project. At Advisority we have over 70 consultants and around 20 parallel projects at any given time. We have been using Oraroo for 1 year and it allows us to keep a clear record of the volume of work performed, essential for correct and timely invoicing. From the first days of work, Oraroo was easily adopted in the organization. It is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, although rich in functionality and at very affordable costs. I recommend especially to medium-sized professional services companies that work on projects, want to digitize work management processes, and have a flexible HR team focused on the administration aspects with maximum added value for the business", said Toni Calugaru, founder and CEO of Advisority .