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Are you using your time effectively? Help yourself with templates too!

Generarea de documente pe bază de șabloane reprezintă un ajutor de specialitate – atunci când un angajat solicită un document, tu îl ai la îndemână. Asta îți permite să te concentrezi pe ceea ce este cu adevărat important în activitatea ta. Funcționalitatea oferită de platforma Oraroo vine în întâmpinarea nevoii de eficientizare pentru responsabilii de resurse umane. Ușurința și viteza de completare câștigă timp și elimină erori.

Are you using your time effectively? Help yourself with templates too!
Why use templates?

A manager's daily activity is divided between routine tasks and new challenges that it is important to manage effectively. For this, time is an essential resource, especially in recurring activities that, if taken from scratch every time, become counterproductive.

One of the useful processes in HR that saves the time of the HR manager is the generation of documents based on templates. Once created, these typed documents enable the rapid issuance of professional documents that have a unified and cohesive look.

  • They are easy to use: the default format only requires filling in the fields with the variable data related to each individual employee.
  • Provides consistency and uniformity: Standardization makes communication clearer and more efficient.
  • Reduce issuance time: There is no longer a need to create documents from scratch every time they are needed.
  • Create best practices: provide a way to organize information that is already proven effective.
  • Eliminates potential errors.
Generating template-based documents in Oraroo

Issuing various types of certificates can generate long documentation times for creating content specific to the purpose of each type of document. As well as populating with the employee's data, which, in turn, requires time to search through the documents in the employee's file.

Oraroo is a tool to increase the productivity and efficiency of the activity in companies, including by managing the generation of documents. A good part of them are specific to the activity of the HR department and have certain standard forms.

Everything is made much easier by selecting a template that relieves you of the task of searching and creating the content of the document and, based on the fields in the application, fills them in for you. And the time for issuing such a document decreases from tens of minutes to only 1-2 minutes.

The document types and template model are defined by the client company and the Oraroo team uploads and makes them available in the platform. This functionality can be used from at least two places:

1. In the Employee section where you select Generate document

Here you can issue various types of certificates - employee or CAS, declarations - employee for employment or domicile, applications - for resignation with notice, job descriptions and others depending on the specific needs of the company.

1. Generare Adeverinta Angajat


1. Acord Incetare De Ambele Parti

You can also have situations where the templates take only part of the required information – the ones found in the fields of the Oraroo platform. For example, an employee certificate contains both employee data and gross salary, which are in the application, and CASS and other tax payment data, which is in the payroll system. And in this case, based on the template, you can very quickly prepare the part of the document that takes the information from Oraroo and then complete it with the specific data from the payroll system.

2. On leave request

If the rule in your company is that this request is also made physically, then the same template-based document generation functionality in Oraroo allows you to issue and print it.

In this case, the leave application request can be generated by the employee and subsequently accessed as a document for printing. The HR manager can access the generation of this document from the screen detailed in the previous point.

2. Cerere Concediu Model Generat

2. Document Atasat La Cererea De Concediu 1024x617


The Oraroo advantage

The information in the Oraroo platform is interconnected in such a way as to make the activity in the company as easy and efficient as possible. The plus it brings in the case of generating documents based on templates is the integration with the Employee File. Thus, all these documents are automatically added to the file, keeping it updated in an automatic way.