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Trends and realities in the use of freelancers and consultants

Forța de muncă optează să lucreze de acasă ca o alegere și nu de nevoie. Conducerea activității companiilor se realizează mai mult pe baza rezultatelor. Managerii pun preț mai mult pe abilități demonstrabile. Această schimbare duce la orientare către modelele de lucru la distanță si lucrul cu resurse externe. Nevoile de integrare a resurselor externe în operațiuni sunt diferite. Uneori colaboratorii pot fi considerați chiar ca interni. Alteori, colaborările sunt mai reduse, chiar ocazionale

Trends and realities in the use of freelancers and consultants
Trends and realities in using external resources


The pandemic seems to be the obvious promoter of the unprecedented growth of remote work. But out of necessity. At the moment, however, the workforce chooses to work from home as a choice and not a necessity.

In this context, the management of the companies' activity began to be realized based on results, rather than based on the presence of employees. Managers began to value demonstrable skills more than qualifications.

This change in management style led to a natural progression towards openness and orientation towards remote working models.

Given the lack of competent and quickly available human resources, the openness to work with external resources from other companies or even independent workers has increased.

Companies now require new methods to engage in deep collaborative relationships beyond the location of individual collaborators. At the same time, it must change outdated approaches that traditionally separate outsourced or freelance work from full-time and employee work.

Companies realize that to attract and collaborate with these external professionals, they need new working models, including leadership skills or cultural and behavioral norms. You need:

  • Shifting perception from talent acquisition to talent access
  • Treating external resources as first class "employees" and not as strangers
  • Metrics-based approach to evaluating business objectives and benefiting from the results produced by external resources

Beyond these trends, we must remain aware of the fact that the needs for integration of external resources in companies' operations are objectively different.

Sometimes the way of collaboration with external resources can be very integrated to the point where it can even be considered as an internal resource but with a different way of remuneration.

Other times, the collaborations have a reduced frequency or duration, even occasionally. The integration needs of these external resources is reduced in this case.

The Oraroo approach

Oraroo takes into account these variations in the level of integration of external resources.

Once the contractual details for the use of external resources are established, in Oraroo they are created in the same employee management screen. Unlike employees, the "Service Partner" category is selected to indicate the absence of an employment contract.

1. Adaugare Partener Servicii Din Actiuni Rapide 1024x219

When entering the external resource into the system, it is recommended to enter the hourly cost for that resource. It will be helpful in calculating the costs and profitability of the projects.

At the time of introduction into the system, there is the possibility of establishing the type of access - total or restricted.

2. Cost Si Acces Restrictionat

When considering the treatment of the external resource similar to an employee, then the rights in Oraroo are similar to the employees of the team that the respective external resource supplemented.

3. Acces Fara Restrictii

He will be able to consult the planned absences of his teammates, he will be able to request leave approval and his unavailability will be seen in Oraroo, he will be able to perform time attendance on assigned projects, he will be able to see which projects and clients his colleagues are working on, etc.

6. Proiectele Echipei Mele Vizualizare Cu Resursa Fara Restrictii 1024x279

When considering the integration of an external resource with which one collaborates occasionally, the level of access to information related to colleagues, projects, clients is restricted.

4. Acces Cu Restrictii 1024x388

Often, in these cases, you only need:

  • collecting the availability of the external resource

5. Indisponibilitate Calendarul Meu 1024x490

  • allocation on the agreed projects

7. Managerul Aloca Resursa Externa 1024x562

  • filling in the project timesheet of the time worked and the details of the activities carried out within the assigned projects

7. Pontaj Resursa Externa Dupa Alocare 1024x206


The Oraroo advantage

The extension of the human resources administration aspects with the necessary elements for the management of external resources is done with the integration with the operations / projects area.

Oraroo allows access to a self-service portal to external resources to obtain information regarding project allocation and planning

Through the information collected, Oraroo allows managers

  • Visibility into the availability of external resources for planning
  • Effort monitoring as well as project performance indicators (cost, profitability)