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The organization chart of the company - the balance between hierarchy and collaboration

The organizational chart of the company graphically presents the roles, responsibilities and working relationships between the organizational structures. Their composition is detailed in the digital version of the state of functions. All structures are visible in such a way that each employee can know how he is part of the teams or the whole organization. And you, as a manager, have the whole picture in one place. Oraroo enables the creation of these structures with flexibility and at the same time in accordance with the legal provisions.

The organization chart of the company - the balance between hierarchy and collaboration
The role of organizational chart in the company

The organizational structure in a company gives you an image of the roles and relational reports between departments, teams and people. Highlighting the way in which tasks are divided in the company, clarifying the positions and tasks of the team for each position, responsibilities and communication channels bring efficiency in the activity. This structure is graphically represented in the organizational chart and detailed in the function chart.

The bigger the company, the more useful it is to have such an overview. Moreover, as a manager or employee in a group of companies, this form of visibility becomes vital for efficient operation.

In short, the organizational chart improves collaboration and creates an overall vision.

The organizational chart and the function chart in Oraroo

In the Oraroo platform we have integrated the possibility to create the organizational and function chart with the adaptability required by each company. Practically, no structure is similar to another, precisely because each company has its own internal organization. Oraroo brings this flexibility, no matter how complicated it is to organize by departments or companies of a group.

All structures are visible in such a way that each employee can know how he is part of the whole team. And you, as a manager, have the whole picture in one place.

Depending on the detail level, you can see:

- Organizational entities - displays the departments in the company, including how many people are in each of them.

Org Chart Entitati Organizationale 1024x484

- Managers of organizational entities - structures both the departments with the mention of managers, but also the detailed composition displaying the membership of each employee in a department.

Org Chart Manageri Entitati Organizationale 1024x485

Oraroo advantages
  • Virtual teams within the existing structures

There are situations when an employee no longer has activity on the projects he was initially assigned to. With the necessary skills and knowledge, it is opportune to move him to another team. Allocation to another team can be done without changing the employment contract. This can be done by designating a functional coordinator for that employee.

You can see these details in Oraroo by selecting Functional Coordinators - this is the people-centered section and displays the subordination levels.

Org Chart Coordonatori Functionali 1024x485 (1)

The advantage of this type of organization is that the internal working groups do not have a formal status. The necessary exchanges between teams do not involve changes in job descriptions or employment contracts.

  • Delegation

You have the flexibility to create your organizational and function chart as it is in the organization. This means for you, as a manager, an efficiency of time by delegation in a very simple way.

The manager is responsible for all activity - planning, supervision, project allocations, approvals and more. In departments with dozens of employees, this work requires considerable effort. The flexible, team-based structuring of the department and the assignment of functional coordinators relieves the department manager of some of the responsibilities. The assignment of the functional coordinators / team leaders on various teams is made according to the projects in progress.

In the Oraroo platform you always see these teams, you know clearly in what role each person is, in which team he is and who is his informal hierarchical superior.

Thus, you, as a manager, have in direct subordination only the team leaders of those teams, delegating to them the responsibility of those they coordinate. And this benefit balances the need for flexibility with the need for control. In addition, it is in accordance with legal requirements.

  • Group of companies - multi-company

Separate management for each entity is difficult for HR managers. They must make a significant effort to obtain the same type of information for each entity from different sources (multi-company tenant).

If your organization is part of a group of companies and you need to manage the data for all these companies, then Oraroo offers you the possibility to outline the organization chart of the group under a single account.

Depending on each existing company, you can add departments, positions and employees.

Organigrama Cu Grup De Firme 1024x501