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Struktura společnosti
Struktura organizačních jednotek
DetailsThis feature allows service companies to define and manage their organizational hierarchy, providing a clear view of their internal structure.
Vlastní typy organizačních jednotek
DetailsWhether organizational units in the Company are called Department, Division, Team, or you use some other names, they can be defined as such in Oraroo.
Hierarchie organizačních jednotek
DetailsA clear and structured graphical representation of a company's organizational hierarchy, highlighting the subordinate relationships and levels of authority between different organizational units, thus facilitating understanding and efficient communication within the organization. This diagram allows managers and employees to quickly visualize the structure and organization of the company, contributing to more efficient coordination of efforts and responsibilities within it.
Hierarchie členů a manažerů organizačních jednotek
DetailsA graphical illustration of the roles and responsibilities assigned to defined positions within an organization, highlighting their current status, such as availability or occupancy, and contributing to the efficient management and planning of the workforce. This diagram provides an instant snapshot of the occupancy of these positions, facilitating task assignment based on needs and availability.
Hierarchie operačního podřízení
DetailsA graphical representation showing the leadership structure and operational hierarchy within a company, highlighting the direct subordinate relationships between employees and managers. This diagram helps establish and communicate effectively the lines of authority and responsibility in the organization, thus bringing clarity to who each employee reports to and who their immediate supervisors are.
Víceorganizační struktura
DetailsOraroo allows for efficient management of multiple companies under a single platform account, facilitating the separate administration of human resources, but common organization of projects and processes, beyond the boundaries of a subsidiary company. This feature is particularly useful for groups of companies or organizations with multiple subsidiaries, offering a holistic view and centralized control over the entire business ecosystem.
Mezinárodní víceorganizační struktura
DetailsThis feature allows for the management of multiple companies or branches in different countries or geographical locations under a single centralized work management platform, facilitating coordination and efficient control of operations at a global level, with the ability to manage the local and international specifics of each entity. This feature is essential for corporations with international presence or groups of companies with diversified activities globally, ensuring coherent and efficient administration of the entire international business portfolio.
Zaměstnanci a kontraktanti
Pracovní smlouvy
DetailsThrough this option, companies can record and manage their employees' labor contracts, facilitating detailed monitoring of employment relationships and contractual conditions.
Služební partneři
DetailsOraroo allows companies to manage relationships and collaborations with third parties or subcontractors efficiently, including recording, monitoring, and evaluating service partners, thus facilitating coordination and expansion of their network of collaborators and ensuring the quality and efficiency of the services provided by these. This feature is particularly useful for companies working with different external entities to fulfill their requirements and projects, allowing centralized and transparent management of these contracts.
Historie zaměstnanců
DetailsThis Feature provides details related to the employees' career path within the company, the evolution of positions, promotions, qualifications, certifications, and other relevant events, thus allowing companies to track and analyze employees' career progression to make informed decisions regarding their development and recognition in the organization.
Dovednosti a úrovně zkušeností
DetailsOraroo allows companies to keep detailed records of employees' qualifications and experience, including skill levels, certifications, and their renewal periods, contributing to the efficient allocation of human resources in specific projects and tasks.
Pravidelné akce pro zaměstnance (lékařské prohlídky atd.)
DetailsOraroo offers the possibility to systematically record and track periodic actions for employees, such as occupational health medical examinations or other periodic evaluations and checks, thus ensuring compliance with legal standards and health and safety requirements at the workplace within the organization.
Pevný rozvrh a přesčasy
Plný pracovní rozvrh
DetailsOraroo allows companies to define and manage the standard work schedule for full-time employees, setting regular and daily working hours, as well as working days and break periods. This feature contributes to establishing a clear work framework and efficient management of full-time employees' time and work schedule.
Částečný pracovní rozvrh
DetailsThis feature allows configuring and managing flexible work schedules for part-time employees, setting reduced working hours according to their needs and providing flexibility in the distribution of work time. Weekly schedules or models such as 12/24+24/48, as well as other specific periodic models, are allowed.
Schvalovací proces pro přesčasy
DetailsOraroo allows management to request employees to work overtime in full compliance with legal requirements, ensuring traceability of the employee's agreement and decisions and justifications regarding their compensation. Thus, Oraroo contributes to the careful monitoring and control of the work schedule and the costs associated with overtime, providing transparency and efficient approval and management processes for these.
Kompenzace přesčasů volným časem
DetailsOraroo provides employees complete visibility regarding the recovery of overtime hours, both in terms of the remaining hours to be recovered and regarding the periods when this is legally possible.
Export přesčasů pro platbu
DetailsOraroo, in its export facility for payroll, will also include the costs associated with the payment of overtime: at the time of performing it, as well as at the time when the period for compensating with free time expires, according to current regulations.
Flexibilní rozvrh, docházka
Šablony týdenního rozvrhu
DetailsOraroo allows companies to configure and manage predefined models for employees' work schedules throughout a week, setting working days, start and end hours, as well as break periods for each day of the week. This feature simplifies scheduling and regular monitoring of employees' work schedules, providing consistency and predictability in managing the work schedule within the organization.
Rozvrh zaměstnance na základě šablon
DetailsThis feature allows companies to create and apply predefined templates or models for employees' work schedules, thus facilitating the planning and regular assignment of work hours according to the types of activities or projects. This feature optimizes the employee scheduling process, ensuring uniformity and coherence in managing their work schedule and streamlining task assignment in the organization.
Možnost výběru víkendových dnů
DetailsOraroo allows employees to select and schedule their rest days or vacations according to personal preferences or needs, offering them flexibility and control over managing their free time. This feature facilitates planning and scheduling of vacations, ensuring that employees can rest and manage their free time in a personalized way, in accordance with company policies and regulations.
Docházka: Začátek, konec práce, přestávky
DetailsThis feature allows companies to accurately record and monitor the start and end time of employees' work schedule, as well as break periods for each workday. This feature contributes to the efficient tracking of time spent at the workplace, ensuring compliance with attendance rules and schedules of employees, as well as accurate calculation of worked hours and potential overtime.
Export zprávy o docházce
DetailsOraroo allows companies to generate consolidated reports or documents highlighting the attendance and work schedule of all employees over a specific period, thus facilitating the record-keeping and management of employees' presence at the workplace, for internal monitoring purposes or compliance with current regulations.
Získávání dat z přístupových kontrolních systémů
DetailsThis feature allows automatic transfer of data from access control systems at workplaces into Oraroo, thus enabling companies to efficiently manage identification and presence of employees in buildings or secure areas. Team members will have visibility of their colleagues' presence in the same location, for better collaboration.
Schvalovací proces
DetailsOraroo allows employees to request leaves and submit approval requests to managers or responsible persons, and managers can examine and approve or reject these requests, depending on the type of absence requested and the details provided, thus ensuring efficient management of leave requests and compliance with the company's policies regarding the management of employees' free time. Also, backup persons for the period of absence can be nominated.
Definování vlastních typů nepřítomností
DetailsOraroo allows organizations to establish and configure customized categories of leaves or paid time off, adapted to their specific company needs, such as leaves for special events, various forms of unpaid or medical leave, compensations for various achievements, either established by law or company policies.
Správa dostupné dovolené
DetailsOraroo allows employees, managers, and HR department to have access to up-to-date information regarding the number of remaining leave days available for each employee, thus providing transparency and control over the use of vacation time and its planning. This feature simplifies leave management, ensuring clear communication between employees and management regarding the availability and proper use of leave days.
Uzavření měsíce
DetailsOraroo allows Human Resources departments to block employees' work schedules and taken leaves, to stabilize payroll export and finalize calculations related to this process. This feature contributes to streamlining the payroll process, ensuring accuracy and consistency in employee payments and respecting deadlines for calculating and paying salaries.
Standardní politika dovolené vs. dohodnutá zaměstnancem
DetailsOraroo allows companies to establish standard rules and policies regarding leaves and negotiations for employees, including the number of available leave days, rules for granting them, and procedures for negotiating leaves. This feature provides a clear and uniform framework for managing leaves and individual negotiations of employees regarding their free time schedule, ensuring transparency and consistency in applying company policies.
Politiky loajality k dostupné dovolené
DetailsOraroo allows companies to establish and manage specific loyalty or reward policies for employees based on seniority, such as granting an extra day off every few years. Negotiation cases for maintaining seniority are also supported.
Suspendování pracovní smlouvy
DetailsOraroo allows companies to record and manage situations where employees' labor contracts are temporarily suspended for various reasons, such as medical leaves, unpaid leaves, maternity leaves, or other similar situations. This feature facilitates the accurate tracking and management of suspension periods of the labor contract, including detailed documentation of reasons and relevant periods, to ensure compliance with legislation and company policies regarding the relationship with employees in such cases.
Pohledy týmu
Pohled nadřízeného na tým
DetailsOraroo provides managers and team leaders with detailed information and a panoramic view of their team members, including data about attendance, work schedules, project allocations, and availability for new activities. This feature allows managers to efficiently monitor and manage activities and human resources within their team, facilitating informed decision-making and improving team coordination and efficiency.
Pohled na rozvrh a docházku v týmu
DetailsOraroo offers both management and team members a detailed perspective on the work schedule and presence of other team members, providing complete visibility into absences, the capacity to support team effort in resolving various issues, as well as availability for collaboration on other activities.
Pohled na plánované aktivity v týmu
DetailsOraroo provides both management and team members with a detailed perspective on the allocation of other team members to different projects, offering complete visibility into the capacity to take on other tasks or involvement in other company-level emergencies. Project allocations are synchronized with the Outlook calendar, where used, to provide this visibility at an hourly level, where applicable.
Pohled na časové listy v týmu
DetailsOraroo allows managers and team members to access detailed reports about the time worked by their team members. This feature provides a complete picture of time allocation and activities carried out by the team, facilitating the analysis of performance and efficiency, as well as informed decision-making regarding human resources and projects.
Ukládání a příprava zaměstnaneckých dokumentů
Elektronické ukládání zaměstnaneckých dokumentů
DetailsOraroo allows companies to record and store relevant documents and electronic files for each employee in a centralized and secure manner. This feature facilitates the management and quick access to important documents such as employment contracts, additional acts, certifications, or other records associated with employees, contributing to the efficient organization and administration of employee files and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
Generování dokumentů na základě šablon
DetailsOraroo enables Human Resources departments to automatically create customized documents for employees or other purposes, using predefined templates and entering specific data for each employee or event. This feature simplifies the document generation process, saving time and ensuring consistency in formats and content, as well as adapting to the individual needs of employees or the company.
Hromadné generování dokumentů
DetailsThis feature allows Human Resources departments to generate multiple customized documents simultaneously, either for multiple employees or for various purposes or projects, using predefined templates and the corresponding data for each document. This feature simplifies the process of bulk document generation, saving time and effort and ensuring consistency in formats and content, which is useful for administrative and reporting processes within the organization.
Viditelnost dokumentů na základě úrovní důvěrnosti
DetailsIn the employee file, types of documents can be configured to be accessible only by the Human Resources Department or also by the employee and/or direct manager. Thus, this feature ensures that only individuals with the appropriate rights have access to the personal file documents, with a specific level of confidentiality, contributing to the protection of sensitive data and compliance with information security regulations in the organization.
Plánování pracovního místa
Práce z kanceláře, domova nebo u klienta
DetailsOraroo allows employees and managers to set and manage work activity locations, including the company office, home location, or client meeting places. This feature facilitates scheduling and organizing workplaces, offering flexibility to employees to choose where to work based on their needs or project requirements, as well as facilitating the tracking and efficient management of professional activity locations.
Nastavitelný schvalovací proces
DetailsOraroo allows companies to configure or disable approval workflows for requests related to work activity locations, such as requests to work from home or requests to work at the client's headquarters. This feature facilitates the approval and management process of work location requests, ensuring compliance with company policies and regulations regarding workplaces.
Viditelnost v rámci týmu
DetailsOraroo provides managers and team members with information about the professional activity locations of employees, allowing them to see where they are working (office, home, or clients) at a given time. This feature facilitates team coordination and collaboration, providing transparency regarding the availability and location of team members and facilitating collaboration, meeting scheduling, or resource allocation based on employee location.
Konfigurovatelná mapa umístění kanceláří
DetailsOraroo allows companies to create and manage an interactive map of offices and available workspaces within the organization. This feature allows for the identification and flexible management of workspaces, enabling employees to quickly find the offices where they will be working. It can also help optimize the use of office resources and comply with social distancing rules or office capacity management in case of changes in the work mode.
Rezervace pracovního stolu
DetailsOraroo enables employees to make reservations for offices or workstations in a simple and efficient way. This feature allows scheduling and managing the use of offices based on the preferences and needs of employees, ensuring they have access to the desired workspace during their schedule, as well as being near their team members. Additionally, this feature can contribute to optimizing the use of office resources and streamlining the planning of workspaces in the organization.
(brzy dostupné) Rezervace parkovacího místa
DetailsSoon, Oraroo will allow employees to make reservations for parking spaces similarly to reserving offices or workstations. This feature facilitates the efficient management and allocation of parking spaces in the organization, allowing employees to reserve and use parking spaces based on their needs and availability. This feature can be particularly useful for companies with a limited number of parking spaces or with specific requirements for managing parking spaces.
Komunikace s zaměstnanci
Personalizované zprávy s/nebo bez příloh
DetailsOraroo enables Human Resources departments to send personalized messages to employees, with or without attachments, to communicate important information, announcements, or updates related to the organization, thus facilitating efficient and transparent communication with staff. Also, tracking of message reading and acknowledgement of understanding their content is ensured, to meet compliance with various regulations or internal policies.
Interní dotazníky o pracovním prostředí/názoru
DetailsOraroo allows companies to create and manage customized surveys to assess the organizational climate, employee opinions, and satisfaction level within the company. This feature allows the collection of employee feedback, analysis of results, and identification of potential improvements in the work environment and human resource management, thus contributing to the creation of a more efficient and satisfying work environment.
Možnost anonymních nebo jmenovitých odpovědí
DetailsOraroo allows Human Resources departments to configure internal climate or opinion surveys so that employees can provide responses with their names or anonymously. The option for anonymous surveys gives employees confidence that they can provide feedback in full confidentiality, allowing them to be honest and open in assessing the organizational climate without fear of repercussions or disclosure of their identity.
Potvrzení přečtení zpráv
DetailsOraroo allows companies to track whether employees have read and acknowledged messages sent through the platform, or whether they have read and responded, partially or completely, to various surveys sent by HR. This feature helps confirm that key messages are received and understood by employees and can contribute to more effective communication and better information management within the organization.
Oznámení prostřednictvím mobilní aplikace Oraroo
DetailsThis feature allows Human Resources departments to send notifications directly to employees' mobile devices through the Oraroo mobile app. These push notifications can be used to send alerts, important announcements, or urgent information to employees working in factories or in the field, in real time, contributing to the rapid and efficient communication of critical information.
Služební cesty
Pracovní postup pro organizaci a schvalování služebních cest
DetailsOraroo enables companies to establish a structured and configurable process for managing employees' business travels, including travel requests, necessary approvals, and budget management related to business trips. This feature facilitates planning and organizing business travel, ensuring compliance with company policies and regulations, and providing efficient monitoring of associated costs.
Schvalování rozpočtu
DetailsOraroo allows companies to set up and implement approval processes for the budgets allocated to business travels. This feature ensures that cost-effective options are chosen in organizing travels, contributing to efficient financial resource management and monitoring of expenses during business trips.
Předdefinované šablony dokumentů
DetailsOraroo enables company employees to automatically generate travel orders for employees who need to travel on business. These documents contain essential information about the purpose and details of the trip, including costs, dates, and destinations, and can be generated quickly, ensuring compliance with legal regulations and internal company procedures and policies for business travel.
Výpočet denních paušálů
DetailsOraroo automatically calculates daily allowances or per diems for employees traveling on business, based on the destination, duration, and other specific criteria. This feature ensures accuracy and consistency in calculating allowances, adhering to legal regulations, and saving time and effort regarding business travel.
Nákladové reporty
Pracovní postup pro nákladové reporty
DetailsOraroo allows companies to establish a structured and configurable process for approving and managing employees' expense reports, including reviewing and approving expenses incurred during business trips or for other work-related purposes. This feature facilitates tracking and controlling expenses, ensuring compliance with company policies and regulations, and ensuring the efficiency of the employee expense management process.
Fotografování účtenek pomocí fotoaparátu telefonu
DetailsOraroo enables employees to capture and record expenses incurred during business trips or other work-related activities using their mobile phone camera. This feature simplifies the expense recording process, allowing employees to take photos of receipts or other supporting documents and attach them directly to their expense reports in the system, saving time and contributing to accurate expense tracking.
Přizpůsobitelné typy nákladů
DetailsOraroo allows the Finance department to configure and customize the categories or types of expenses that employees can record in the system, the accounting codes, and the necessary supporting documents for each. Oraroo offers flexibility in adapting the expense recording structure to the specifics of the company and reporting needs, allowing more accurate and efficient management of financial data related to business travel and other customer service-related expenses.
Přizpůsobitelné dokumenty nákladů
DetailsOraroo allows companies to configure and customize the types of supporting documents that employees can attach to their expense reports. This feature provides flexibility in adapting the list of supporting documents to the company's specifics and compliance requirements, allowing employees to upload relevant documents to support expenses easily, structuredly, and in a personalized manner.
Sledování nákladů na projektech
DetailsOraroo enables employees to record their expenses specifically for the projects they are working on. This feature facilitates the tracking and management of expenses within each project, allowing better cost allocation and increased transparency regarding expenses associated with each project.
Automatická aktualizace směnných kurzů
DetailsOraroo automatically fetches the Reference Exchange Rate in the context of expense reports. This allows the system to automatically perform currency conversions within expense reports at the correct exchange rate. This feature eliminates the need for manually entering exchange rates, thus ensuring accuracy and timeliness in financial records when employees incur expenses in different currencies.
Opětovné fakturace nákladů s konfigurovatelným přirážkou
DetailsOraroo allows companies to add a configurable administrative margin or markup on expenses incurred by employees when these expenses are invoiced to clients or business partners. This feature offers flexibility in pricing for services or products provided and automates the calculation of additional costs for invoicing, contributing to efficient revenue and cost management.
OCR nákladů
DetailsFor clients who choose this option, Oraroo will use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automatically scan and extract relevant information from supporting documents, such as invoices or expense receipts, associated with expense reports. This feature reduces the manual effort required for recording expense details, improving accuracy and efficiency in the expense management process, and saving the employees' time.
Registrace nákladů přeposlaných e-mailem
DetailsThis feature allows employees to send or forward expense supporting documents via email to a specific address provided by Oraroo. This feature simplifies the expense recording process, allowing employees to use email to transmit necessary documents for reimbursements and ensuring their efficient collection and management.
Export do účetního systému
DetailsOraroo allows companies to automatically transfer financial data and information related to expense reports to the accounting system used by the organization. This feature simplifies the accounting and reconciliation process of expenses, ensuring the integrity and coherence of financial data across the organization.
Generování platebních souborů pro vyúčtování nákladových reportů
DetailsOraroo allows companies to automatically create payment files or bank transfers for approved expense reports. This feature simplifies the process of reimbursing employee expenses, facilitating fund transfers and ensuring efficient management of payments associated with expense reports.
Hodnocení výkonu zaměstnanců
Nastavení celofirmy široce definovaných cílů
DetailsOraroo enables organizations to establish and manage global or strategic goals and targets that apply to the entire company. These objectives can be related to strategic directions, growth, operational efficiency, or any other aspect important for the organization's success. Defining and monitoring these objectives provides a clear view of the company's direction and performance at the organizational level, ensuring alignment with overall objectives and contributing to the assessment of success in their achievement.
Nastavitelné hodnoticí období
DetailsConfigurable evaluation periods in Oraroo allow companies to set and customize the time frames during which employee performance evaluations take place, such as annual, semi-annual, or quarterly reviews. This feature provides flexibility in adapting the evaluation cycle to the needs and processes of the organization, allowing management and monitoring of employee performance in accordance with the company's specific calendar.
Manažeři mohou přidělovat konkrétní cíle a ukazatele podřízeným
DetailsOraroo enables managers to assign and set specific objectives and targets for each of their subordinates within the performance evaluation process, by cascading their own objectives or defining new, more detailed ones. This feature facilitates communication and alignment of expectations between managers and employees, contributing to directing individual efforts towards the organization's objectives.
Formální přijetí cílů zaměstnanci
DetailsOraroo allows employees to formally confirm and accept the objectives and targets set by their managers in the performance evaluation process. This formal step ensures a mutual understanding between managers and employees about the expectations and objectives set, contributing to clarity and transparency in the evaluation and development of performance.
Sebehodnocení zaměstnance
DetailsOraroo enables employees to complete and provide subjective evaluations of their own performance within the evaluation process. This feature encourages employees to reflect on their own contributions, identify strengths and weaknesses, and offer personal perspectives on how they have met their objectives. Self-evaluation will contribute to a more balanced and comprehensive assessment of employee performance, simplifying the conversation with the manager in cases where they agree with the employee's perspective.
Hodnocení od třetích stran, interních nebo externích spolupracovníků
DetailsOraroo allows for the inclusion of other people, either from within the organization or from outside it (such as clients or partners), to offer their own perspective on an employee's performance within the evaluation process. This feature extends the view of employee performance, providing additional information and contributing to a more comprehensive and objective assessment.
Definování cílů na základě vypočítaných indikátorů Oraroo pro jednotlivé zaměstnance
DetailsThis feature allows for automatic monitoring and evaluation of the progress and achievement of employees' objectives through performance indicators calculated by Oraroo. This feature simplifies the performance evaluation process, ensuring accurate and objective measurements of goal attainment, contributing to a more balanced and effective evaluation of employee performance.
Nepřetržité zpětné vazby od ostatních členů týmu
DetailsThis feature allows employees to give and receive regular and constructive feedback from their peers or other team members, outside the formal framework of the performance evaluation process. This feature encourages open communication and teamwork, allowing employees to improve their skills and identify development opportunities based on the notes and suggestions of their colleagues.
Viditelnost všech souvisejících zpětných vazeb pro manažery před rozhodnutím
DetailsOraroo allows managers to have a complete and centralized view of all evaluations and feedback collected within the performance evaluation process before making decisions or providing their own feedback. This feature helps managers gain a comprehensive perspective on employee performance and make informed and fair decisions regarding their development and recognition.
Klienti, projekty, projektové aktivity
Automatické získávání údajů o klientovi z veřejných zdrojů
DetailsOraroo enables automatic retrieval of information about company clients from public sources, such as online platforms or databases available to the public or purchased by the company. This feature saves time and effort for manual data entry, ensuring quick updating and completion of details about clients and projects in the system.
Plánování projektů na základě aktivit
DetailsOraroo allows project managers in service companies to plan and manage projects by breaking them down into individual tasks or stages, setting tasks, deadlines, and associated resources for each activity. This feature facilitates efficient tracking and management of projects, allowing better organization and assignment of work within the team.
Plánování personálu na projekty a aktivity
DetailsOraroo enables project managers in service companies to allocate specific employees to projects and activities, establishing who is working on what project and for how long. This feature facilitates efficient human resource management and allocation of staff according to the needs of each project or activity, contributing to optimizing work within the organization.
Projektový přehled: Úspěchy, rizika, problémy, další kroky
DetailsOraroo provides a synthesized and centralized view of the status and evolution of a project, including information about achievements, identified risks, reported issues, and planned next steps. This dashboard helps the senior management team quickly identify projects that are problematic and those that are progressing well, facilitating decision-making and ensuring better control over resource allocation at the organizational level.
Opakující se přidělení
DetailsOraroo allows service companies to set up regular, recurring human resource allocations over the duration of a project (e.g., on certain days of each month, quarter, or year), as well as the frequency and duration of these allocations. This feature simplifies the planning and management of resources in projects, ensuring that recurring allocations are managed efficiently and in accordance with project needs.
Přidělení na několika projektech s omezením úsilí nebo procentem plánu
DetailsOraroo allows companies to allocate employees to multiple projects at the same time, managing the amount of effort or the percentage of work schedule allocated to each project. This provides a clear view of how employees are distributed across different projects and helps maintain a proper balance of tasks and available resources.
Nastavitelná oprávnění k přístupu
DetailsOraroo enables managing and controlling access levels and permissions for users with different roles, regarding information related to projects and clients. This feature ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data and offers control and security in managing information about projects and clients within the organization.
Registrace a schvalování práce
Založené na délce nebo intervalu
DetailsOraroo allows employees to record in detail the time worked on projects or activities, either by exact hours or time intervals, depending on preferences and project requirements. This feature facilitates efficient monitoring and control of time dedicated to projects and allows subsequent approval of this time by managers or responsible persons, ensuring accurate record-keeping of the work performed.
Na projektu nebo projektové aktivitě
DetailsOraroo allows employees to record and report time worked specifically for projects or individual activities within these projects. This provides detailed records of the time allocated to each project or task and offers detailed information for subsequent approval of these records by managers or project leads, contributing to accurate monitoring of employees' contributions to the organization's projects.
Schvalování od manažera a/nebo projektového manažera
DetailsOraroo provides a process for approving time worked on projects, whereby an employee must receive approval from their hierarchical superior and/or the project manager before the records are validated and officially accepted. This feature ensures proper supervision and control over resources and costs, guaranteeing that all activities are monitored and approved before being included in reports or invoices.
Možnost manažera upravit fakturovatelnou dobu
DetailsOraroo allows managers to review and adjust the billable duration of time worked before it is included in invoices issued to clients. This feature offers the opportunity to correct or adapt worked hours to fit contractual agreements or specific requirements of each project, ensuring accurate and transparent billing for the services provided.
Oznámení a sledování zpoždění při registraci časových záznamů
DetailsOraroo sends notifications and alerts to employees or managers when there are delays in recording time worked on projects. This feature helps maintain a strict schedule regarding billing and ensures timely recording of work performed, avoiding delays that can affect accurate reporting of work performed.
Export detailů časových záznamů pro projekt nebo celou společnost
DetailsOraroo allows users to generate reports and exports containing details about time worked, project by project or across the entire company activity. This feature facilitates efficient analysis and monitoring of time dedicated to different projects or activities, contributing to informed decision-making and efficient resource management.
Smlouvy pro projekty (část fakturace)
Fixní cena, čas a materiál, předplatné
DetailsOraroo enables companies to manage different types of contracts within projects, including fixed-price contracts, time and materials (T&M), or subscriptions, offering flexibility in structuring and billing services provided in projects. This functionality facilitates tracking and proper management of revenues associated with contracts per project, fully transparently and in accordance with the rules established through the contract.
Ceny založené na čase nebo dosažených výsledcích
DetailsOraroo allows companies to set service pricing based on the effort expended or the results obtained in projects. This means that rates can be calculated based on the time and work performed or on the quantity of products or services delivered, offering flexibility in pricing according to the specific requirements of each project or contract.
Katalog služeb a aktivit na úrovni společnosti
DetailsOraroo enables companies to define and manage a detailed list of services and activities offered by the company. This facilitates structuring and organizing the service offer, allowing quick access to information about the types of services available and their details.
Jednorázová fakturace na základě plánu nebo pravidelně za službu
DetailsOraroo allows service companies to calculate client invoices for the services provided immediately, in stages, or on a scheduled basis, according to contractual agreements. This functionality offers flexibility in structuring and managing the billing process to fit the different types of services offered and agreements with clients.
Přidělení cen na základě úkolu nebo úrovně zkušeností
DetailsOraroo allows companies to set prices for services provided based on the experience or seniority of the employees involved or based on their nominal allocations within the projects. This functionality offers flexibility in determining costs and rates based on the level of experience or specific resources allocated within each project or service.
Cenové sazby s různými tarify na základě času nebo dosažených výsledků
DetailsOraroo allows companies to set service pricing based on thresholds of effort volume or quantity of results obtained, recorded over a certain period within projects or services rendered. This functionality offers flexibility in calculating costs and rates based on the level of activity, time allocated, or concrete achievements in each specific situation.
Speciální sazby pro přesčasy
DetailsOraroo enables companies to set different rates for overtime hours worked by employees outside their regular schedule. This allows the company to manage and compensate overtime hours in a fair and transparent manner, considering internal policy and prevailing legislation.
Správa podmínek smlouvy
DetailsOraroo allows companies to record and monitor special conditions negotiated and included in contracts with clients. This ensures precise management of all agreements and special understandings that may affect rates, schedules, or other aspects of the services provided, offering transparency and control over these contractual details.
Nabídka/Smlouva Pipeline
DetailsOraroo allows companies to track and manage the process of creating, reviewing, and approving offers and contracts. This provides visibility on the status of each offer or contract, helping to efficiently manage the entire workflow, from the initiation of documents to their signing and implementation.
Generování smluvních dokumentů nebo nabídek na základě šablon: DOC nebo PPT
DetailsOraroo allows companies to automatically create contract or offer documents, using predefined templates, in PDF, MS Word (DOC), or PowerPoint (PPT) formats. This facilitates the process of generating and customizing documents in accordance with contractual specifications or offer requirements, saving time and ensuring uniformity in the structure, format, and content of documents transmitted to clients.
Fakturace smlouvy (s možností fakturace)
Daňové nebo proforma faktury
DetailsOraroo allows companies to generate fiscal invoices or proforma invoices for services provided within contracts. This ensures accurate financial records and compliance with tax rules, allowing the company to bill clients for services rendered and to monitor corresponding revenues and payments efficiently.
Ruční nebo automatická fakturace na základě plánu
DetailsOraroo offers companies the option to manually generate invoices when necessary, or to set an automatic schedule that regularly generates invoices according to contractual agreements or service delivery deadlines. This allows for flexible management of the billing process, optimizing manual effort and ensuring accurate tracking of billing cycles.
Schvalovací proces fakturace
DetailsOraroo allows companies to create a structured process where generated invoices are subjected to review and approval before being sent to clients. This functionality ensures that each invoice is carefully checked from a business standpoint and approved according to tax rules and company policies, guaranteeing their accuracy and correctness before issuance.
Správa rozsahu sériových čísel faktur
DetailsOraroo enables companies to track and manage multiple series of numbers for issued invoices. This is useful in situations where the company operates in multiple locations or divisions, or when it must comply with specific tax and legal requirements for different regions or countries in which it operates. This functionality ensures efficient and compliant management of invoice numbers.
Směnné kurzy při fakturaci pomocí veřejně dostupných směnných kurzů
DetailsOraroo allows companies to automatically convert billed amounts into different currencies based on official exchange rates obtained from the National Bank of Romania (BNR) or the European Central Bank (ECB). This facilitates the billing process for international clients and ensures that billed amounts are accurately updated according to current currency regulations.
Zrušení faktury nebo storno
DetailsOraroo enables companies to revise a calculated invoice and cancel or reverse it in case errors are identified or adjustments are needed. This process allows precise management of situations where invoices need to be corrected or canceled to avoid misunderstandings with clients and to maintain accurate and transparent financial records.
Předfakturace, postupné storno předplatby na služební faktuře
DetailsOraroo allows companies to issue advance invoices to clients for services to be provided. Then, as the services are rendered, the advances can be gradually reversed and deducted from subsequent invoices, ensuring the correctness and clarity of financial records and avoiding double billing. This feature facilitates the management of advances and progressive billing for services rendered over the course of a project or contract.
Přizpůsobitelné šablony faktur, pro společnost nebo smlouvu
DetailsOraroo enables companies to create and manage their own custom templates for invoices, tailored to the specific needs of each company or contract. This provides flexibility in the design and content of invoices, allowing the company to convey relevant information and comply with legal or contractual requirements for each situation.
Automatické doručování faktur klientům e-mailem
DetailsOraroo allows companies to automatically send invoices to their clients via email, at the end of the review and approval process. This automated process ensures the quick and efficient delivery of invoices to recipients.
Vlastní pole
Použitelná u zaměstnance nebo organizačních jednotek
DetailsOraroo allows companies to add additional, customized fields in employee profiles or organizational unit data. This offers flexibility in managing and recording specific data of employees or departments, allowing the company to adapt the work management platform to fit its needs and internal policies.
Použitelná u projektů, klientů nebo přiřazení k projektu
DetailsOraroo allows companies to add customized information fields in profiles of projects, clients, or project allocations. This provides flexibility in managing and recording specific data for each project, client, or allocation, allowing the company to adapt the work management platform to fit the specific needs and requirements of each situation.
Řetězce, datumy, čísla, příznaky nebo seznam hodnot
DetailsOraroo allows companies to create and manage custom fields in various formats, such as text fields, numbers, dates, checkboxes, or value lists. These custom fields can be used to record specific information in employee profiles, projects, clients, or other relevant data for the company, allowing flexible adaptation of the work management platform to the company's specific needs and requirements.
Schopnost filtrovat ve výpisu
DetailsOraroo allows users to perform quick and efficient searches in the company's database using information stored in custom fields. This facilitates the quick finding and accessing of relevant data based on specific criteria defined in custom fields, contributing to the efficiency and productivity of the work management process.
Schopnost exportu do formátu XLS
DetailsOraroo extends Microsoft Excel (XLS) export files with information from custom fields. This provides additional flexibility in managing and analyzing data, allowing users to customize reports and exports to include specific information from custom fields according to their needs.
Použití v integracích se systémy třetích stran
DetailsOraroo includes values from custom fields in interfaces with other external systems with which they are integrated. This data management flexibility allows companies to synchronize and share specific information stored in custom fields with other applications or systems used within the organization, facilitating more efficient collaboration and real-time data management.
Vlastní pracovní postupy
Nástup/ukončení/průvodce zaměstnanců
DetailsOraroo allows companies to configure and automate specific processes related to managing employee entries, exits, and promotions. These custom workflows can include steps, approvals, and notifications specified by the company to ensure that each stage of the process is managed efficiently and in accordance with the company's internal policies and procedures.
Nový projekt/zákazník nebo řešení konkrétních událostí
DetailsOraroo enables companies to create and automate custom workflows for managing processes related to initiating new projects, adding new clients, or managing subsequent events within projects. These custom workflows can include specific steps, approvals, and notifications to ensure that each process is managed efficiently and in accordance with the company's internal policies and procedures.
Přizpůsobitelné úkoly
DetailsOraroo allows companies to create and automate custom workflows for managing and tracking various tasks and activities. Users can define specific workflows for different types of tasks, setting steps, approvals, deadlines, and notifications to ensure tasks are completed efficiently and according to plan. This improves task management and contributes to increased efficiency within the organization.
Přiřazení úkolů: Nominální nebo podle role
DetailsOraroo allows companies to configure and automate workflows for allocating and tracking tasks and activities to individual employees or based on their roles in the platform. This facilitates the assignment and management of tasks according to each employee's skills and responsibilities, ensuring efficient distribution of work within the organization.
Přístup k viditelnosti/modifikaci datových polí
DetailsOraroo allows companies to configure custom workflows in which users can view and modify specific data fields during the process. This offers additional flexibility and control in managing and updating information during workflows, ensuring that data is updated in real time and in accordance with process requirements.
Závislé nebo paralelní úkoly
DetailsOraroo allows companies to configure and automate workflows that include tasks that can be performed in parallel or that depend on each other. This ensures efficient management of tasks and processes, allowing team collaboration and establishing the correct order of tasks based on their dependencies, contributing to improved operational efficiency.
Další specifické spouštěče zaměstnanců
DetailsOraroo enables companies to create and automate custom workflows for managing other events or actions related to employees, such as expiration of identification documents, completion of probationary periods, or reaching a year in the organization. This offers flexibility and adaptability in managing unique or specific situations that may arise within the organization, ensuring that they are handled appropriately and in accordance with the company's internal policies.
Pravidelné provádění
DetailsOraroo allows companies to configure and automate workflows for the periodic execution of certain activities or tasks. These workflows are useful for managing routines and tasks that need to be performed at regular intervals, ensuring that they are consistently and efficiently completed within the organization.
Export a import dat
Export do formátu XLS pro jakoukoli sadu dat
DetailsOraroo allows users to extract and export all data they have access to on the platform, in Microsoft Excel (XLS) format. This provides users with the flexibility to analyze and process data in a familiar format and use it in other applications or for customized reports.
Import do formátu XLS pro základní sady dat
DetailsOraroo allows users to upload data, which can reach significant volumes, from Excel (XLS) files. This facilitates the quick import and updating of essential data, allowing users to keep information current and synchronize it with other external data sources.
Standardizovaný export pro výpočty mzdy
DetailsOraroo allows users to extract and export relevant data for payroll calculation in a standardized format, which can then be used in the payroll management and financial reporting process. This facilitates the salary calculation process and contributes to ensuring accuracy and consistency in managing employee remuneration.
Přizpůsobitelný export pro výpočty mzdy
DetailsOraroo provides the ability to customize the data export for payroll calculations to fit the individual specifications and requirements of companies regarding the payroll calculation process. This allows flexibility in managing the details and format of the data needed for employee salary calculations, enabling companies to adapt the export according to their specific needs.
Standardizovaný export pro přílohy pracovní doby
DetailsOraroo allows users to extract and export data related to time worked in a format prepared to be attached to invoices issued to clients. This facilitates the billing process for services rendered by employees and ensures that information about worked hours is presented in an appropriate format for billing and clients.
Šablony importu XLS s mapováním hodnot z externích systémů
DetailsOraroo allows users to configure and create custom templates for importing data from Excel (XLS) files from external sources. This includes the ability to assign and map values from external files to the fields and structure of the internal Oraroo system, thereby facilitating the process of importing and integrating external data into the proprietary platform.
OData API pro integraci s externími systémy
DetailsCompanies can use the OData API to retrieve data from Oraroo into other systems, ensuring efficient and synchronized communication between different software solutions within the organization.
Balíček pro reportování Microsoft PowerBI
DetailsThis option provides a powerful set of reporting tools, supplementary to those existing in Oraroo, to analyze data and extract valuable information from the Oraroo platform, supporting decision-making processes.
Dedikované API pro integraci pracovních postupů Oraroo s externími systémy
DetailsThis type of API allows companies to integrate workflows from the Oraroo platform with other external systems, facilitating their initiation from outside, as well as the synchronization and automation of work processes.